Handcrafted custom furniture that reflects warmth and tradition

At OnlyWood Bcn you will find the essence of traditional cabinetmaking, without screws or fittings, in our custom furniture artisanal.

About us?

Professionals in custom solid wood furniture

We have been working for more than 16 years in this sector and we have become a true reference in the custom furniture of solid wood throughout Europe. We are passionate about keeping these ancient techniques alive and, at the same time, sharing them with passionate apprentices who visit us thanks to the Erasmus+ program.

Under the guidance of master cabinetmaker Hans Nottelmann, a specialist in solid wood, at OnlyWood Bcn we perpetuate the tradition of creating custom furniture today acts like yesterday. We create exclusive pieces that exude elegance and become a unique piece of furniture with its own soul.

Master cabinetmaker in Barcelona

Hans Nottelmann

At OnlyWood Bcn we are much more than a cabinetmaking workshop, since we offer a tailored service with which the client finds a wide range of possibilities and has a captivating collection of custom furniture Solid wood design. Each one has been meticulously custom-carved and carefully crafted, from initial conception to final assembly. That makes each OnlyWood Bcn product become a masterpiece.

At OnlyWood Bcn you can have custom furniture, inspired by artisanal tradition, with which you will transform all types of spaces and enjoy the quality and warmth of solid wood for a long time. Unique and personalized products that will create a unique decoration in your home or business.

  • Custom cabinets
  • Custom benches
  • Custom beds
  • Custom shelving
  • Custom bookcases
  • Custom tables
  • Custom bathroom furniture
  • Tailor-made rooms

Custom furniture

We create unique custom furniture for your home, handcrafted with high quality solid wood.

Furniture Without Screws

Our furniture stands out for its durability as it is built without screws or fittings, following artisanal techniques.

Tradition and Innovation

We combine the tradition of cabinetmaking with a modern and technological approach to achieve exceptional results.

Custom furniture

Design and manufacturing

Do you have a unique vision for your space?

At ONLYWOODBCN, we transform your ideas into reality. Our bespoke furniture design and manufacturing service allows you to create unique pieces that perfectly suit your style and needs. From unique dining tables to custom cabinets, we design and manufacture every detail with precision and craftsmanship.

Solid wood

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